Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in your fee?
Do you officiate other types of ceremonies besides weddings?
Do you provide a microphone and speaker?
How far will you travel?
What types of weddings do you officiate?
Should we hire Rev. Rick, Jennifer, Jessica, Jose, Ron, Faye, Heatherbell, Vincent, Kelly or Ricardo?
Do you provide bilingual ceremonies?
May we include a special ritual, reading, or song?
May I have a friend or family member do a reading?
If we want to do a unity candle, sand, wine box, coins, lasso or other rituals, do you provide the accessories and table?
May we have everyone at the wedding sing?
What happens if I change my date, time, or venue?
Will you stay for the reception?
Will you stay for pictures?
What is the process of hiring you?
How do I get my wedding license?
How do I change my last name?
Do you handle the wedding license paperwork for us?
Who should I have sign as my witness(es)?
May I take the license paperwork to the County Clerk’s office myself after the wedding?
What musical instruments do you offer?
How much does music cost?
What kind of music do you play?
Where can I hear your music?
What does ceremony music entail?
How does it work to have you both officiate and play music?
Do you play for the cocktail hour and reception?
Do you provide your own microphone for musical instruments?
Do you need an electrical outlet?
Will you still play if there is inclement weather?
Can we have everyone sing?
Do you attend the wedding rehearsal?
If we hire you to come to the rehearsal, what do you do for us?
Is it okay if we do not have a rehearsal?
Will you stay for the rehearsal dinner?
Where can I see videos from previous weddings?
Do you have a song list?