Love, Music, and Spirit

Before they were husband and wife,  Rick and Jennifer were two college students at UC Davis pursuing their own studies and interests. Rick – Filipino, Catholic, studying the biological sciences, and Jennifer – English, Armenian, Croatian, Methodist, studying classical civilizations. Two people with separate lives until they discovered a common interest – music. Rick’s piano playing lured Jennifer to sit with him to listen to his compositions, and Jennifer’s classical flute enthralled Rick. Then they discovered each other. Love and friendship grew, and the promise to marry was made.

When it was time to consider a wedding officiant, Rick and Jennifer knew that whoever they would choose had to transcend religion, faith, and culture. They found the perfect minister who graciously worked with the couple to craft words that represented the combined spirit of the couple.

On their wedding day, on the UC Davis campus, with musician friends to play Rick and Jennifer’s songs, friends and family in attendance, and a minister to bring it all together in a sweet ceremony, the couple became Rick and Jennifer Tan!

Having recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, and blessed with four children, the couple is forever grateful for a wedding day that was meaningful and representative of who they are.

That is the gift Reverend Tan offers each of our couples. Wedding words written and spoken with you at the heart of the celebration. Your unique personalities, spirituality, and cultural background. Your story as a couple. Your wedding, the way you want it.